Shepherds Hearts

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The Court Drive Church of Christ was founded with the desire to serve the Lord by allowing and encouraging individuals to utilize their talents and Spirit-given gifts. We want the community to be attracted to the kingdom of God, as demonstrated by how we love and care for one another, as we celebrate the freedom we have in Christ. We are appreciative of our heritage in Churches of Christ, and believe that there are distinctive characteristics of this fellowship that should be maintained. Specifically, our focus on the importance of believer’s baptism, weekly observance of the Lord’s Supper, oversight by a plurality of shepherds, dedication to knowing and studying the Bible, and an idealistic belief that Christianity can and should be better than it usually is, are all parts of our heritage worth keeping alive. As much as we cherish our heritage, we still honor our commitment to Jesus as Lord and Savior above the traditions of the American Restoration Movement. Because we believe that the Kingdom of God is larger than our fellowship, we participate in cooperative efforts with other churches, and worship with believers of other Christian faith traditions in a joint community service several times each year. We also believe that our tradition of singing in multiple part harmony without instrumental accompaniment is a blessing. Worship in this manner is encouraging and edifying, and produces a beautiful offering of praise to God. Because it is a less familiar style of singing, it also reaches out to many in our culture today, and thus is an appropriate vehicle for presenting them with the Good News of Jesus. For all these reasons, we have no intention of proposing any changes in our current practice of worshiping together in song without instrumental accompaniment. However, after careful consideration, we believe that worship with instrumental music is an acceptable form of worship and celebration to our God. We believe that the usual proof texts used to argue against instrumental music (Col. 3:16 and Eph. 5:19) are used out of context in this argument, and do not prohibit instrumental music. We will continue our practice of occasionally using video and audio recordings during Sunday morning assemblies, even though some of these contain instrumental music. We believe they serve the good purpose of touching and convicting the hearts of believers, and also are an effective way to reach out to those who are seekers in our current culture. We will not be involved in arguments with other believers about instrumental music. Unity in Jesus is more important than agreement on worship style. Scripture teaches that all baptized believers are clothed with Christ and are all heirs according to the promise of God, without regard to whether the individual believer is male or female. Thus, we make no distinction that God has not made, and allow all believers, men and women, to utilize the gifts given them by the Holy Spirit in ministry to the body of Christ and to the world. It is the hope of the elders that this statement helps you to understand our reasoning and intentions. If you have questions about this statement, any of the elders will be glad to talk with you. It is our earnest desire for this congregation to reflect the light of Jesus to our surrounding community, and to maintain peace and unity among ourselves. “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!” – Psalm 133:1